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Of course we need to find out a few things about you before we can give you professional investment advice.  (Besides, it's a legal requirement.)

Putting you at ease:

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And please be comforted by the fact that our website uses the most modern firewall protection to safeguard your answers to the questions we ask you. You can always ask for a return of your answers. Furthermore, we promise we will only use your personal information so that we may advise you we do not sell our client lists to 3rd parties.

  1. What is your name?


  1. What is the name of your employer?


  1. What is your current age?


  1. In how many years do you plan on retiring from work?


  1. Some people retire and are able to use other savings they have before taking money out  of their retirement savings. Approximately, how many years do you think it will be before your retirement savings will be required to produce a significant portion of your income?


  1. How would you rate your level of investment knowledge?


  1. Which statement most accurately describes your overall view on investing money?

  I'm prepared to sacrifice potentially higher long term
       returns to avoid ups & downs in the growth of my portfolio.

  I can tolerate moderate ups and downs in the growth of my
       investments to achieve potentially higher long term returns.

  I'm interested in trying to achieve higher long term growth of
       my investments and short term ups & downs don't concern

  1. What percentage of your current investments, both inside and outside of this plan, are held in stocks or in investment funds containing primarily stocks?


  1. If one of your investments fell below the value at which you purchased it, would you hold it until it retained its initial value?


  1. How frequently do you check the value of your investments?


  1. Do you typically choose investments that are highly rated based on recent past performance?


  1. What long term rate of return do you expect from your investments in this plan?


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