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Our Investment Philosophy

How We Decide What Investments
To Choose For You

We believe that it is important that you understand our investment philosophy so you will understand the recommendations that we make to you.

  1. We believe that the mix of investment funds we recommend for you should be tailor-made to match your specific "investor personality", the length of time you have to invest, and how you have invested any other savings you may have.
  1. We believe in holding investments for the long term.  This is the opposite of trying to time the market to take advantage of short term situations.  If you want to invest for the short term, we encourage you to do so with some of your other savings.  Let us take care of  your "safe" retirement savings.
  2. We believe in the concept of asset allocation.  This is the good old fashioned notion of not putting all your eggs in one basket.  Practically, this means dividing your savings amongst stock funds, bond funds and shorter term funds.  It also means choosing investments for you that give you exposure to different parts of the world.  And finally, we don't select investments for you that are all managed in the same way because we know that certain investment styles will outperform at different times.  We choose value managers for you (these are the managers that stick with the classic buy low and sell high approach which can sometimes take 3-5 years before showing good returns), growth managers (they try to invest in the areas of the economy they think will experience the best growth over the next 12-18 months) as well as small cap managers (they choose smaller more nimble companies that are expected to experience rapid growth).

  3. We believe that you must consider each investment for what it adds to your overall portfolio.  We fully expect that, at different points in time, one, or more, of the investment funds that we recommend to you will experience some negative returns. But remember, when some of your investments are suffering from negative returns others will be earning positive returns, and as long as your overall return is positive your savings will continue to grow.  After all, you would not want us to choose investments for you that always move in the same direction great when they are going up, but think about the impact of every investment going down at the same time.

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