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Improve Your Returns

Some plan sponsors say, "let the members get their own advice".

But this misses the point it's not just about improving their returns, it's also about improving your returns.

Consider the amount of money you contribute to the plan each year.  Only when your employees are shown how to maximize their participation in the plan can you expect an improvement in the returns that really count - your "people return".

Tenzing Investment Advice Is:

  • UNBIASED we are independent of all investment fund companies and record keepers. There are no conflicts of interest.
  • OBJECTIVE our fees are not tied to any investment fund companies or weighted to any specific fund.
  • INSTITUTIONAL-QUALITY we advise your employees on institutional managers and mutual fund  managers alike.
  • CONVENIENT internet based or face-to-face meetings with each member of your plan. You choose the delivery method.

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